Thate Pan Hub Launches Bi-Weekly Podcasts on Several Platforms

By Ye Yint Phone Myat

Published 27th July 2022 . 3 min read

The way we consume information

As technology becomes more widespread, we have witnessed how the rise of new media has influenced the ways individuals consume information, seek knowledge, and communicate with others. One such media style is podcasts, which are digital programs and audio files that are available for download. As podcasts are easy to listen to and convenient, we at Thate Pan Hub have launched our bi-weekly podcast series called “Suu San Lae Lar Ou Ou Ku Ku Doh Gabar,” roughly translated to “The Curious World of Ou Ou and Ku Ku,” on several platforms.

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What we talk about

The two owls, Ou Ou and Ku Ku, present this podcast, which will allow listeners, particularly parents and children to explore fascinating topics ranging from daily life and health to technology and today's world.

Every two weeks on Sundays, a new episode is released on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Anchor, and Google Podcast. For updates and additional information, listeners can visit the Thate Pan Hub Facebook page.

Listen on Spotify
Listen on Anchor

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