To Celebrate World Children's Day, Thate Pan Hub Holds a Special Language Event

By Ye Yint Phone Myint

Published 21st November 2021

What is this event about?

Myanmar, an ethnically diverse Southeast Asian nation, is composed of 135 major ethnic groups. With the world becoming more globalised day by day, it is imperative that the young generation preserve their own cultures and learn from the world around them. On that account, and to celebrate World Children’s Day, Thate Pan Hub held a free, 2-day language event called “Sate Win Sar Sayar Language Gabar,” translated to “An Interesting World of Languages.” Through this event, children of ages 9 to 16 got the opportunity to be in touch with both foreign and ethnic languages.

Special Language Event promotional banner
What did we accomplish?

The languages were divided into two sessions: Foreign Languages Session which included Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, French, and German, and Ethnic Languages Session which included Shan, Dawei, Chin, Kachin, Karen, Mon, and Rakhine. Thate Pan Hub successfully introduced these diverse languages and interesting customs of both national and foreign cultures to over 160 participants.

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