Phan Tee

Age 14 - 16

About this Course

Due to adolescence, these teenagers become more independent and can understand both abstract & concrete thoughts. Our courses help students fully understand the fundamental theories and the modern applications of Computer Science by solving challenging puzzles and creating animations, apps & games. Meanwhile, lessons on the applications and detailed process of AI subfields give them a good idea of solving real world problems.

Beginner Level

Approx.42 hours to complete

100 % Online


What you will learn from this course


Basic Coding for Kids 1

 21 hours

In this course, basic concepts of computer science such as algorithms, loops, events, conditionals, and functions are introduced. This course also focuses on creating interactive projects to have an experience about programming.


Basic Coding for Kids 2

 21 hours

In this course, students will be introduced to more advanced concepts for creativity, communication and problem solving to be motivated to keep learning computer science. This course also covers basic computational theories such as Input, Output, Storage, Processing, and ASCII & BInary representations.

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