Our Story

Starting as a project for children to easily learn Computer Science in Myanmar, Thate Pan Hub grew to become an established non-profit social enterprise providing not only basic Computer Science courses for free, but also courses on Artificial Intelligence and 3D Modeling.

Our Vision

To ensure that all Myanmar children, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, will get access to basic technology education which will help them reach their fullest potentials and contribute to the future development of society.

Our Mission

To create and deliver excellent and accessible lessons and contents which will help Myanmar children gain computer and digital literacy, and develop analytical, logical, and critical thinking skills through basic Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Education.

Where We Start

September 9 2020

Our Beginning

Youths from Myanmar gather to launch the Thate Pan Hub project to provide free and accessible Computer Science education.

October 12, 2020

Opening of Our First Class

Our first class, teaching computer science over a span of 5 days, is the launchpad that has propelled us further to open more and improved classes.

April 20, 2021

Recognition as code.org's International Partner

Growing from a project to a developed non-profit social enterprise, Thate Pan Hub partners with code.org as an international partner.

May 2, 2021

The Launch of Zee Kwat Academy

The first to branch out from Thate Pan Hub, Zee Kwat Academy was launched during a time of crisis for children to be able to continue their education which is a testament to Thate Pan Hub’s growing positive social impact.

May 23, 2021

The Launch of Thate Pan Institute

In order to support Thate Pan Hub and Zee Kwat Academy in their missions of providing free and accessible education to the children across Myanmar, Thate Pan Institute, a professional learning institution is established.

27 April - 6 May 2022


Thate Pan Hub and Thate Pan Institute collaborate to provide an opportunity for children, the first of its kind in Myanmar—Hub&Hack, a 5-day hackathon for kids.

Our Next Step, Thate Pan Festival

A celebration of Thate Pan Hub 2nd Anniversary designed to celebrate, innovate and inspire all the students, parents and youths.

Where We Are

Today, Thate Pan Hub is not just a non-profit social enterprise. Ever since the launch of Thate Pan Hub, we have continuously strived to innovate and solve problems in our bigger community. This is why today, Thate Pan Hub is also a foundation, comprising three different enterprises—Thate Pan Hub, Zee Kwat Academy, and Thate Pan Institute.

Enterprises Launched

Thate Pan Hub brand logo

A non-profit social enterprise providing free Computer Science education for every child in Myanmar. Our education includes courses on

  • Basic Computer Science
  • Digital Literacy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Modeling
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A non-profit social enterprise providing free formal education for grades 4, 6, and 7, which comes with

  • 8 important subjects
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Global languages programs
  • A community students can call their home
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Thate Pan Institute brand logo

A social enterprise supporting Thate Pan Hub's mission and providing the below for Myanmar's children and the youth.

  • Professional computer science courses
  • STEAM Bootcamps
  • Graphic design courses
  • Mathematics olympiads trainings
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