Mental Heal Becomes Thate Pan Hub's Official In-House Counselor for Volunteers

By Ye Yint Phone Myint

Published 29 December 2021 . 5 min read

What are youths going through in Myanmar?

As we move into the twenty-first century, more and more Myanmar nationals have become familiar with the phrase “Mental Health Awareness” despite the fact that talking about mental health was and still is a taboo in Myanmar. Thate Pan Hub realizes that many young people go through mental struggles and therefore has partnered with Mental Heal to help our members and volunteers with their difficulties. It is important that we normalize taking care of our mental health and acknowledge the same for others.

Mental Heal x Thate Pan Hub promotional banner
Mental Heal

Mental Heal, a social enterprise dedicated to delivering mental health awareness and counseling, will help share information on mental health, give encouragement, and counsel through private sessions as well as cover facts about mental well-being and awareness through training workshops, seminars, camps, and webinars. Thate Pan Hub is grateful to see this partnership grow and hopes that the members get benefits as Mental Heal becomes an official in-house counselor of Thate Pan Hub, Thate Pan Institute, and Zee Kwat Academy.

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