AYDS Partners with Thate Pan Hub for AYDS DaTAlk: Kickstarting Your Data Journey

By Eaindray Myint Mo

Published 15th August 2022 . 3 min read

One-day training workshop on data science

On the 28th of February, Thate Pan Hub in partnership with AYDS (the Asia-Pacific Youth Data Society) held a free one-day training workshop on data science.

The workshop aimed to help up-and-coming data scientists with kick-starting their journeys. The seminar discussed not only the importance of data science in our everyday’s life but also shared information on data science applications in real life and what is needed to become data practitioners.

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How it went

The workshop was conducted fully in English on Zoom and was open to every interested person (including those with little to no prior data science knowledge).

Asia-Pacific Youth Data Society is an organisation of youth professionals who advocate social changes through the use of data. As automation and data science are set to become more widespread in the future, AYDS hopes to help university students and young professionals with their data career.

We at Thate Pan Hub send out sincerest gratitude to AYDS for helping make this event happen.

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